About Us

Hi, My name is Cynthia. I have worked for 16 years in Hospitality Industry & now I have started Olive Travel & Tours. A Complete Conference & Hospitality Solutions. An organization which sets itself apart with a core philosophy of creating customer value through an unforgettable experience and a mission of achieving customer delight with an underlying dedication to comfort, style, services and value.

We understand that there is always a potential to categorize new avenues and alternatives to Accommodate your Guests in a Star Hotels, Service Apartments, Residential Conference or at any Resort. We believe you will make the distinction and give us an opportunity to serve your Travel requirements, when the next occasion arises. To our credit, we host clientele that include the best of the corporate world.

At Olive Travels and Tours, every requirement is worked with a strategy, by giving utmost importance to all the requirements mapped by clients which in turn induces a consistent approach of implementation fetching remarkable results.

What we do:

Research and map your requirements.
Make & present a comprehensive plan for the event.
Execute flawlessly.
Exercise cost control and enhance services.
Generate goodwill for you.